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Job Satisfaction

Learn the five elements of job satisfaction, how you can use these to improve your current job, how to assess new jobs, and how managers can improve the job satisfaction of their current employees

Career change

  1. Follow our 10-step career change plan TODAY!
  2. How to find your dream career!

Cover letters and resumes

  1. Customizing your resume and cover letter for success!
  2. Make em read your cover letter!
  3. Use a "PS" to get your cover letter read!
  4. Seven cover letter secrets you need to get that interview!
  5. Why you should use a resume writing service
  6. Choosing a resume writing service
  7. The only resume writing guide you need to win that interview!

Job interviews

  1. NEW - MBA students are still failing to prepare for interviews! So go and knock their Ivy League socks off!!
  2. NEW - Answering the "why are you leaving your current job or employer?" interview question
  3. NEW - Answering the "what differentiates you from other candidates?" interview question
  4. NEW - Answering the "why do you want to work here?" interview question
  5. NEW - Why and how to send a thank you letter after interview
  6. NEW - Best interview questions to ask in an interview
  7. NEW - the role of cultural fit at interview (or "was I discrimated against?")
  8. Preparing for a successful interview
  9. Free killer list of over 100 job interview questions
  10. Behavioral interviews - prepare yourself for this rapidly-growing and highly important interview!
  11. Behavioral interview questions
  12. Answering the "weaknesses" interview question - what a tough one!

Salary negotiation

  1. Getting a salary increase - don't leave money on the table

Career development

  1. Coaching skills for managers

Career guides

  1. Guide to nursing jobs and nursing degrees
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Online Career Education Section

Want to finish your education? Or get the degree you always thought you were capable of? Click below for the new suite of articles on online education!
  1. Why you should choose an accredited online degree
  2. Who should earn an online associate degree?
  3. Discover how online college classes work

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